Welcome to Robert Maas's English 12 wiki!  We will use this online tool to facilitate your progress through our last Literature Unit.


All materials for your Independent Study Book Groups can be found on this wiki!  Check the appropriate folders for study guides, vocabulary guides, and reading quizzes.  Your final exam and vocabulary test are the only items which are not available on the wiki.


Each Book Group is also responsible for creating a "Characters" folder for their novel.  This folder should contain at least six wiki pages, each one for a separate character within your literary selection.  So, for example, the Dracula "Characters" folder may contain pages for Dracula, Jonathan Harker, Van Helsing, Mina Harker, Seward, Quincy, Renfield, and Arthur Holmwood.  Each Character page should contain a complete synopsis of the character's contributions to the plot, as well as his or her final fate.  An appropriate image of the character (either photo or artistic rendition) is also recommended. 


See the "Macbeth Characters" folder for a sample character wiki page.