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Roderigo 1

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     Roderigo is  wealthy Venetian that is desperately infatuated with Desdemona but is rejected. Iago seized the opportunity of making weak and gullible Roderigo his pawn in the ultimate plan of becoming lieutenant. Both Roderigo and Iago rushed to tell Brabantio of the news of Desdemona sneaking off during the night to marry Othello.; Roderigo hoping he would somehow win Desdemona over. Iago tells him to sell his land to impress Desdemona, “When she is sated with his body she will find the error of her choice/therefore, put money in thy purse” (1.3.193-195). Roderigo is then manipulated into thinking that Desdemona is deeply in love with Cassio. He is persuaded to get in an altercation with Cassio and try to get him demoted. Roderigo begins to suspect that Iago is not being fair with him after all of his plans did not get him any closer to Desdemona. The final plan is to kill Cassio and if that does not work, Iago gave Roderigo permission to kill him. His fate is death by the hand of Iago after his attempt to kill Cassio failed.

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Good pic.
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