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Cassio 1

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Cassio is the General of Venice under the watch of Othello whom  is the Lieutenant of Venice. It all starts out as Cassio a very smart intelligent renowned man who is sent with
Othello to go fight against the Turks who are trying to invade Cyprus, later they come back to give the Duke news that the Turks ships were sunken during a storm. Throughout this whole thing Iago is devising a way to take down Cassio due to the fact that he is full of anger and jealousy towards him, because he thinks he is the one who deserves to be general. So after they return from the battlefield, Iago convinces Roderigo to fight Cassio after Iago gets him drunk in the party. So then they fight and cause a big scene and then Othello realizes about this brawl and strips casio from lieutenancy. After that Cassio seeks advice from Iago, whom tells him to beg Desdemona to convince Othello to give him his job back.Then the Duke gives Cassio rank back, later Roderigo and Iago attack Cassio but Cassio manages to wound Roderigo during the brawl  but gets hurt by Iago. Then Cassio walks in the house in which Othello and Desdemona sleep only to find crazyness. After realizing what happened he Captures Iago to torture him because all of his evil he has done.
Cassio typically remains the same throughout the whole book he really did not have an over all plot other than being Cassio and just being a general but other than that he really has no plot whatsoever. The effect that Cassio has on others is that Iago uses Cassios name as the lover of Desdemona and thus causes the jealousy in Othello. So pretty much Cassio causes jealousy in Othello and in Iago because, Iago wants the job Cassio has, and second Othello is jealous of Cassio because he thinks that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio, then Cassio gets put in the Rank of lieutenancy which enrages Othello even more. The characters in which Cassio is closely associated to everyone in the beginning off the book then towards the End he becomes really close to Iago and Desdemona, because Iago tells Cassio to beg Desdemona to beg Othello to give him his Job back so in that scene Cassio gains trust towards Iago and uses his advice. Also Cassio is close to Bianca for she is crazily in love with Cassio so they are close as well otherwise, Cassio has little association almost with everyone. Some aspects of Cassio that affected the plot is that Cassio caused the jelousy Othello, and that Othello would of have never smothered Desdemona, because she was accused of cheating on Othello with Cassio and Othello believed it. Nor without Cassio the death of Roderigo would of have never occured.So without Cassio there would have never of have been all the killing towards the end.

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