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The Monster 1

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     In the novel Frankenstein the monster was the main plot development of the book. He is what developed the story into a murderous story of how the family of Victor Frankenstein perished. From poor decisions by victor contribute to the actions the Monster makes for when Victor first meets the monster he abandons him. And again Victor makes another poor decision later in the book when he does not follow through with a deal he had with the monster which angers him and begins the long feud between the two of them. When the Monster had finished killing Victor’s best friend and bride, he pledges to get his final revenge on Victor but is placed in grief when he finds Victors dead body on a boat. He pledges to travel to "the northernmost extremity of the globe" and there burn his body to ashes, so that no man can ever create another like him. He leaps from the boat and is never seen again.


     The Monster is a eight foot tall yellow skinned creature with black slicked hair and watery eyes who had teeth of pure whiteness. When the monster is first encountered by Victor he is unable to speak or communicate. As the story progresses we don’t learn how he becomes able to communicate at first hand but later find out how it happened when he encounters Victor for the second time on the mountains. There the Monster re-tells his story of how he was ran out of town and into the woods where he spied on an exiled in secrecy. There he learned how to talk and communicate by listening to the family talk. The monsters change in the story greatly affects Victor and his family, although Victor is the only one who knows of this effect of their lives he does nothing to stop it until he strikes up a deal or “promise” with the Monster. Victor promises the Monster that he will create a second one so the monster will not be alone. Once the second monster is finished the two would go to South America and hide. While in the middle of the creation of the second monster, Victor see’s the Monster watching and smiling at him at that moment Victor stops and kills the creation of the second monster thus angering the First Monster. Angered the Monster goes out and kills Henry Clerval, Victor’s best friend. After that Victor travels home to marry Elizabeth except only he is unable to because on their wedding night the Monster strangles Elizabeth which immediately kills her. The Monster advances in a terrible way throughout the book because at first he is abandoned then lied to by someone who he considers to be his only family. This drives the Monster to become an even more hideous creature then he actually is. At the end of the novel when he goes to get his final revenge on Victor only to find his dead body the monster is struck with grief because he realized that he no longer has anyone to be considered his family.


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I don't see a picture, written well, great sentence structure.

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