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Van Helsing 1

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Abraham Van Helsing is John Seward's former teacher and mentor. He is the first to realize the depth of Lucy's "illness" in the fact that it was not just an illness. He is the first to realize that Lucy has been bitten by a vampire and is slowing turning into a vampire. Van Helsing was also a character who was out to kill Dracula. The first time that he and Quincy and John Harker had killed Dracula, they were mistaken because their knives were not strong enough. They traced Dracula back to his castle where they found him laying in his coffin. Van Helsing did the honors and drove a stake right through Dracula's heart.


I think Abraham Van Helsing is closely associated with a lot of people in this novel. He is closely associated with John Seward because of how much Seward looks up to him and respects him, and he then becomes closely associated with Lucy because of all of his what he knew were going to be failed attempts at saving her. And then with both Quincy and John Harker as they travel and plot together to kill Dracula.

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Rick Mielke said

at 2:08 pm on Jan 10, 2012

The last sentence of the last paragraph needs to be re-written. The sentence gramatically speaking isn't a sentence. Also the last paragraph as a whole should be re-worded because of its redundancy. You used because in almost every sentence of that last passage. :)

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