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John Seward

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Dr. John Seward is a key male role in Dracula. He is a psychiatrist and the key administrator in an insane asylum in the city of Carfax. Also, Seward is one of the three men in love with Lucy. He proposes to her and even though she says no, he still takes care of her when she is sick. When he can't take care of Lucy all by himself, Seward calls in help from Van Helsing, his mentor. When he finds out that Lucy is not just sick but has been bitten by a vampire, Dracula, he then sets on a mission to make sure Dracula is killed.


John Seward is closely associated with a few different people at different times in the novel. At first, he is called away from Lucy's bedside to tend to his father's illness. After his fathers death, he returns to Lucy's bed side. He is closely associated with Lucy not only because he is in love with her but because he performs her first blood transfusion.Before Lucy dies and becomes a vampire, she tries to attack him but she is blocked by Van Helsing who is another person that John Seward is close with because he is Seward's mentor.

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