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Lucy Westenra 6

Page history last edited by AllisonKramp 8 years, 11 months ago

     Making her first appearance in Mina’s journal, Lucy Westenra is introduced as Mina’s best friend, and is described as a genuinely kind young woman, whose sweet demeanor and stunning looks outshine those around her. Lucy’s good looks and innocent attitude ends up landing her three suitors who propose to her on the same day, Mr. Jonathan Seward, Mr. Quincey Morris, and Mr. Arthur Holmwood. She ends up choosing Arthur Holmwood, and goes by Lucy Holmwood. Throughout her appearances in Mina’s journal, Lucy’s behavior starts to become a bit odd. She begins to sleepwalk like she did when she was a child, and begins to have nightmares. Little do they know that during her evening rendezvous’, Lucy is being bitten by Dracula. Later in Seward’s journal, it’s mentioned that Lucy’s “condition” has gotten worse, so Seward calls his mentor, Dr. Van Helsing, to come check her out and make sure everything is okay.  Van Helsing has a hunch as to what is going on and says she needs a transfusion. Seward gives her one as Van Helsing goes about the room hanging up garlic flowers and dusting things in garlic powder. It works for a bit, but soon enough Mrs. Westenra takes it all down complaining about the smell.

     Her condition worsens once more, needing a few more transfusions until one night after Van Helsing begs Mrs. Westenra not to take down the garlic and has left, Dracula’s wolf form breaks in killing Mrs. Westenra due to a heart attack and he finishes off Lucy. This causes Lucy to become a vampire herself and she then roams the streets of England at night feeding on young children. Van Helsing knows what happened and asked her three suitors to hunt her down and kill her once more. He thinks that if they truly care about her they’d want to help ease her soul and send her to where the angels are.


     In the beginning of the book, one can say that Lucy's personality can be described as the virtue of innocence and the sweetest thing ever. Everyone compliments the woman on her stunning looks and darling personality, even Mina. She says “Lucy met me at the station looking sweeter and lovelier than ever.” (pg 64). With these looks and Charm, the young woman lands herself three suitors. It's unclear, and isn't directly said, but it seems that Lucy is a gold digger, due to the fact she does decide to marry the richest of the three men.

     Later in the book as Lucy starts to come down with a “mysterious illness” she still remains as lovely as ever. It's not until towards the end of her life as a human that slowly, her sexual deviant comes out. Back in Victorian times, women were not allowed to show any sort of sexual desire, but in the novel Lucy does what is considered taboo on many occasions. “Arthur, oh my love, I am so glad you have come! Kiss me!” (pg 161). By expressing her desires in such a way was unheard of back in those days, which leads us to the connection with vampirism being symbolic for sexuality. All in all, Lucy Westenra can be defined as someone who wears a mask. On the outside she acts pure, innocent and vulnerable, while on the inside shes willing to show her needs and desires.  


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Becky Thwing said

at 8:35 pm on Jan 11, 2012

very well written, great length of summary for her character.

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