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Mina Murray 6

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In Dracula, Mina is best known for being in love and dedicated to Jonathan Harker. It seems her purpose in life is to assist Jonathan and stay in the background. Lucy is strong but submissive, feminine but has a "man's brain". All the guys see her as the mother figure and come to her whenever they need a shoulder to cry on.  While Harker is at Dracula's castle and she doesn’t know where he is or why he has been there for so long all she seems to think about is his safety, she is constantly talking to Lucy about it and at the same time listening to Lucy’s problems. When Harker comes back and is in his fragile state her whole world is about making him better and finding out what really happened to him. Once all the guys get together and start figuring stuff out about Dracula and eventually hunting him Mina is almost the glue that unites the guy’s together, they all want to fight for her and make her life safer. Mina seems to know she’s the damsel in distress but she’s fine with it, she knows it’s what all the guys need to motivate them to fight. At one point Dracula starts feeding on Mina, and finaly forces her to drink his blood making her not a vampire but something evil none the less. When the men find Dracula violating Mina that’s their last straw, they get down to busness while mina is left alone with a wafer burn on her forehead. But still she helps them, telling them when Dracula is on the move. (Van Helsing Hipnotises Mina so that  she can track where he is). When the men kill Dracula Mina is turned back into the pure girl she is. At the end of the book mina and Harker have a  baby boy.



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Becky Thwing said

at 8:36 pm on Jan 11, 2012

the summary goes back and for between mina & lucy. should've focused more on mina.

Becky Thwing said

at 8:37 pm on Jan 11, 2012

forth *

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