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Page history last edited by Anna Pylvainen 8 years, 7 months ago

Cyrano is the main character in Cyrano De Bergerac. He is smart and makes witty remarks on everything. He is very self conscious of his nose and sometimes you cant really tell if he is playing along with one of the other characters or if he is just giving them a hard time. “A no young sir, you are too simple why might have said, oh great many things why waste your opportunity for example thus , I sir if that nose were mine i’d have it amputated on the spot. Cyrano goes on and on with things he could of said. Cyrano likes to fight back and pick brawls with people. Cyrano is a poet, swordsmen, scientist and a musician.  He is in love with his cousin Roxane. He never tells her that he loves her because he is embarrassed about his nose and thinks that why would anybody as beautiful as she love me. Cyrano ends up working with a friend  named Christian in winning over Roxane the women they love. The body and looks for christian and the soul for Cyrano.  In act 3 Cyrano helps Christian in writing letters to Roxane for him and said they are from him. When Cyrano talks to Roxane about the letters she says “he does not talk , he rhapsodizes.... dreams....”. She has the letters memorized.  Cyrano is a loving character and helps in every way to his friends. Even though his friends are the ones digging him out of trouble most of the time. In act 4 Cyrano is still sending letters to Roxane for christian to Roxane.  Roxane soon realizes that Cyrano is the one that was writing the letters in Act 5, 15 years later. Cyrano is reading one out loud and Roxane sees that it was Cyrano under neath the balcony in Act 3 and it was he who wrote all of the letters, she has found the soul all along that she has been in love with.Roxane tells him that she loves him and that he cannot die. Cyrano draws his sword one last time and fights his "ancient enemies" witch are falsehood, prejudice, compromise, cowardice and vanity. Cyrano collapses to the ground and dies.




Cyrano's best friend is Le Bret. He keeps him out of trouble and sticks up for him. Ragueneau is also Cyrano friend and Le Bret and him discuss in Act 5 on how Cyrano is dying. One of the characters who isn't as found of Cyrano is De Guiche.   Cyrano represents the tears and the soul/brains. The many tears he shed while writing the letters to Roxane. The soul representing the inside of Cyrano. It may not be the good looks but it is the soul and mind that eventually Roxane loves cyrano for. While Christian was the looks and blood. As the worked together to win over the love of their lives.The romantic hero is Cyrano and Christian. Cyrano always a gentlemen to Roxane. Cyrano starts out as a tough guy and some weaknesses and dares to help a friend out and takes a chance.Cyrano is filled with the symbol of the moon, purity and goodness. He loves to fight and the last thing he does before he dies is fight with mid air his "ancient enemies". He docent really change that much through out the story. He does draw Roxane closer to him in the end. Because she releases it was him the whole time.


Comments (3)

Micah.Clipperton said

at 1:50 pm on Jan 10, 2012

Good Length, just watch for run-on sentances, sentance fragments and the occasional spelling error. Interesting picture placement as well.

rosalinda vargas said

at 1:29 pm on Jan 11, 2012

You did a great job by putting almost all of the information. my advice for you is to make a space in the first sentences before starting a paragraph.

Carly.Johnson said

at 3:49 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Nice job overall. Good choice adding quotes. Have some one read it to Check spelling and sentence structure next time.

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