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     In the beginning of the book, dracula is introduced as "a tall old man, clean shaven save for a long white moustache, and clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of colour about him anywhere."  Dracula greets Jonathan very politely and welcomes him as a guest.  He provides food, a bed, and access to a library, but locks many doors and tells Jonathan not to enter those rooms.  For a while, Jonathan is impressed and feels welcome, but eventually he starts to feel insecure. 


     Later on in the first "arc" of the book, Jonathan strarts to unravel Dracula's plot.  He notices that Dracula is constantly sneaking out of a window, and crawling down the castle wall like Spiderman.  He one day follows Dracula, and finds him in a box of earth, seemingly dead.  Jonathan hits Dracula over the head with a shovel and finds out it is nearly impossible to kill Dracula.


     Dracula, once he is done with Harker, boards a ship called the Demeter.  He is hiding amongst boxes of earth until the right moment, when he comes out and kills the ship's crew, one by one.  Eventually he widdles the crew down to just the captain.  The captain then chains himself to the ship in an attempt to die honorably, with his ship.  With the entire crew dead and out of his way, Dracula turns into a wolf, and leaps to shore.


     Now that Dracula has finally reached England, he starts aquring real estate.  He finds four different houses and puts boxes of earth in them, so he has somwhere to sleep during the day.  While he is in England, he waits in a cemetary and attacks Lucy.  The whole time, he is also persuing Renfield.  He visits Renfield periodically, promising him eternal life.  Renfield eats this up (pun intended) and chases immortality religiously.  While Dracula continues his devious plot, Renfield is mentally under Dracula's control.  The patient collects flies using sugar, uses the flies to catch                                          

 spiders, and uses the spiders to catch a bird.  He wants a cat to feed the bird to,                                                                           

but Seward won't allow it.


Then later after Lucy  being attacked by Dracula she soon starts to feel ill and turns into a vampire.

By killing children also known as the "bloofer" lady. After this scene Mina comes to london to meet with Seward

and Van Helsing. As she goes to the madhouse she goes with Jonathan and speaks to Renfield, after reading

about him in Sewards diary, he proves himself harmless. After talking to Seward and Renfield, Jontahan

finds more info on Dracula's location, the Carfax Abbey, so then he can track down his boxes of earth, so that he can break the boxes.


Seward, Jonathan, Quincy, Van Helsing, and Arthur all go to Carfax to investigate on Dracula and sterilize all of his boxes.

after being done with the boxes Jonathan discovers he bought others since going to London.

They decide to get ready to destroy the rest of the boxes. The Renfield is found in a pool of blood at the madhouse.

By Dracula coming through with mist, killing him so he can get to Mina. As she has been getting life taken out of her by Dracula.

Jonathan, Seward, Quincy, Van Helsing, and Arthur then break into Mina's room but Dracula turns into a mist and gets away as Mina soon starts to get ill.


Mina then comes up with an idea to hypnotize her so they could try to track down Dracula and kill him. As Dracula is found in the sea.

They discover that he's heading back to Transylvania by ship. Mina realizes after being bitten, she has a connection with dracula,

so they use that as a way to track and find him. Dracula and his men are driving back to his castle with Seward and Quincy behind, but

Jonathan, and Harker are not far. They overtake the wagon containing Dracula in his box and Jonathan Harker kills him.

Realizing that throughtout the whole book, Dracula affects everyone in this case. 


















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MichaelG35#ranked said

at 1:49 pm on Dec 15, 2011


sammyrymer said

at 8:48 am on Jan 10, 2012

too much for a summary, basically retelling the story but acurate facts are provided

Becky Thwing said

at 8:32 pm on Jan 11, 2012

this is really long for a summary, but it does sum up the whole book.

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