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Roxane is Cyrano’s cousin, she loves poetry, romance, and is the most beautiful girl in France. Every man in France see’s her as the perfect woman, and at some point wants her love. Roxan’s contribution in the plot is major. Without her there would be no story. Roxane falls in love with two men at the same time who team up to create Roxan’s perfect man. Cristian, the looks of the team is not as witty or poetic as Cyrano. When they team up Roxane cannot help to fall madly in love with Christian after Cyrano writes love letters for him. Cyrano isn’t making these feelings up, as he writes his true feelings to Roxane. Roxane’s final fate within the story is to fall in love with the sole of Cyrano and be together not in body, but in their minds and souls.

Roxane does not change much throughout the story, as she strives to find true love and protect the man she thinks is writing her these elegant love letters. She does in fact change the lives of many people though. Cyrano and Christians lives would have been a completely different story if it wasn’t for Roxane. I believe Roxane symbolizes True love, Innocence, and purity.  She doesn’t know that Cyrano wrote the letters until much later, she was always in love with the man who wrote her the letters, and stayed dedicated to that man her whole life.





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Carly.Johnson said

at 3:39 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Great job summarizing who Roxane is and what she brings to the story. I agree with what you believe she symbolizes. Good job

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