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Brabantio is the father of Desdemona and the Venetian Senator. He’s an extremely well respected and powerful man.

In the play Brabantio is defiantly not one of the main characters. He shows up once. In the beginning of the play he’s awaken in a very chaotic manner from his house by Rodrigo and Iago. "What tell'st thou me of robbing? This is Venice; / My house is not a grange" (I.i.105-06)They are there to tell him that his daughter has ran off and married a black man named Othello. Brabantio is furious with the news and goes after his daughter to find her and Othello. When he does them, he is convinced that Othello has put a spell on his daughter and trys to have him arrested. After they discuss the issue with their secret marriage, heartbroken Brabantio leaves and we never hear from him again in the book. Although later on in the play, his brother states that he has died of loneliness. "Poor desdemon! I am glad thy father's dead:/ Thy match was mortal to him and pure grief/ Shore his old thread in twain" (2.5. 242-243)


Brabantio never exactly displayed any change other than his mindset. For example, when he first found out the news that his daughter has married Othello he was in denial that his sweet Desdemona could ever do such a thing behind his back. But then comes to acceptance that she truly loves him and in fact was not be witched by Othello in anyway.

Barbantio was never closely associated with anyone that we know of. It seems as if after Desdemona went off and married Othello Barbantio didn’t have anyone close. Which is ultimately what lead to the cause of the his death. 









Emila is Desdemonas servant, who has an incredibly close relationship with her. She is also the wife of the evil Iago. Although her husband is a mad man, she is rather caring, honest, and a well rounded woman.

Although she is not one of the main characters, she appears numerous times throughout the play. One major contribution that Emila has brought to the story was taking the handkerchief  that belonged to Desdemona, but only to satisfy her husband “I nothing but to please his fantasy," (3.3). unknowingly the purpose of Iagos desire for it. While being the honest lady that she is, her honesty and big heart is what caused her, her death. As she exposes her husband for the lying and manipulating everyone, he stabs her to her death and that is the end of Emila.

Emilia doesn’t change much throughout the play; she stays true to who she is the whole time. She tried to change Othellos mind when he was convienced that Desdemona was sleeping with Cassio, which had little to almost no effect on him since he had the mindset that his wife was cheating on him. She was very close with Desdemona for the simple fact that they bonded over husband troubles. Desdemona and Othello have the perfect marriage, as where Emila and Iago have a marriage full of hatred and unhappiness. 












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