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Henry Clerval 6

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Henry Clerval




Character description: Henry Clerval is Victor Frankenstein's best friend since he was a kid, also nurses Victor back to health when he gets deathly sick. Henry also went to the same college as Victor, and goes on a 2 year journey with him through out England and Scotland. The monster ends up killing him and victor gets blamed for it .


Character Analysis: Henry clerval is Victor's Best friend from child hood. And throughout the story Victor spends alot of time with him studying at college with him going on 2 year trips with him and even delays his own marriage to be with him. In ways it seems that Victor frankenstien is so in need of a friend that henry is always there that they might be gay together. Victor even admits to elizabeth that they are never completely happy with out clerval around. Clerval also is the opposite from the monster and victor though because henry is always joyful, and down to do whatever and happy about it. 

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Margretta Karneh said

at 11:05 am on Jan 11, 2012

Accurate information, but it's repetitive. Good job, though!

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