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Lebret isn't the main character all he does is give Cryano advice about Roxanne.




     Le Bret is Cyrano’s closest friend.Cyrano trusts Le Bret enough to confide in him and reveal his secrets. Le Bret responds by trying to be a peacemaker; unfortunately, Cyrano rarely listens. Le Bret is the character to guess the object of Cyrano’s affections and pinpoint how many enemies the man has made. His honest questions often trigger Cyrano’s .Le Bret is probably the character with whom readers can most easily identify. He sees the Cyrano-Christian-Roxane love triangle with an objective eye and often tells Cyrano when he is being foolish. He has Cyrano’s ear, listens to him, and advises him
perhaps Le Bret’s most important role in the play is to give us information on Cyrano that we would not otherwise know,

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Ricky Sevald said

at 4:14 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Good analysis but it would be great to show how he moves along throughout the play. overall good job.

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