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Christian de Neuvillette 1

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      Christian de Neuvillete is one of the main characters in the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. Christian enters the play searching for the woman he is in love with. Unfortunately, he must save his best friend from killers and does not return until he meets with Cyrano. When Christian meets Cyrano he acts brave, bold, and overconfident by insulting Cyrano in front of many other men.  Although Cyrano could have ended Christian’s life, he reveals Roxane’s love for Christian."Bah. Any one/ Can pick a quarrel. Yes, I have a sort/ Of rough and ready soldier's tongue. I know/ That. But with any woman- paralyzed,/Speechless, dumb. I can only look at them."(84)  Christian may see confident, but with the ladies he just can’t find the words, Cyrano then reveals a plan that together they could create a romantic hero between the two of them to woo Roxane. Cyrano writes all of the letters to Roxane, creating the sole of the romantic hero, while Christian takes all of the credit as the handsome body of their creation. This “hero” the two men create together is a symbol throughout the play.

            Christian is under a lot of pressure when he first has to speak to Roxane. She is expecting romance and poetry, but Christian can only tell her that he loves her. When Cyrano saves their relationship by speaking in the shadows beneath the balcony, Christian climbs up to receive the kiss, and Roxane’s hand in marriage. In the final hours of Christian’s life he finally realizes that Cyrano is truly in love with Roxane. Christian tells Cyrano to tell her the truth about the letters, but Cyrano decides not to sell out his friend. Christian gets shot in battle, and their secret dies with him. It is not until years later that Roxane knows the truth.

            Throughout the play Christian is the embodiment of love for Roxane. He doesn’t change much until he realizes Cyrano is also in love with her, which makes him want to be honest with Roxane so she can choose which man she loves, the body, or the soul. Overall, Christian’s acceptance of Cyrano’s “romantic hero” plan, gave way to the rest of the events in the play.


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Sydnie Merriman said

at 2:32 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Good analysis of Christians character and what his role was throughout the play.
Gave a full description of how he developed and progressed. You did a really good job of explaining Christians intentions for Roxane and how he finally realizes Cyranos love for Roxane. I like to last sentence, I completely agree.

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