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Roxanne 1

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Roxanne 1 Roxanne 1




Nunn, Trevor. "Trevor Nunn's production of Cyrano de Bergerac." Pete Jone's productions. Pete Jones Productions, 2009. Web. 9 Jan 2012. <http://www.pjproductions.co.uk/2009/05/trevor-nunns-production-of-cyrano-de-bergerac-starring-joseph-fiennes-at-chichester-festival-theatre-13th-may-2009/>.





     Roxanne is one of the main characters in Cyrano De Bergerac. She is the cousin of Cyrano and is a beautiful young woman who is a hopeless romantic. At first, she is very shallow, and is only “in love” with Christian because of his good looks. However, throughout the book Roxanne progresses moves past outward appearances and realizes she can find love from the serenading poems that Cyrano has written but Christian has given. Eventually towards the end of the book she realizes that it’s not the looks that she loves about Christian, it’s his personality.  She even told him that she would love him even if he was the ugliest person, but once she realized that it wasn't him who wrote these incredible poems. She took the courtesy to apologize to Christian for only loving him for his good looks.  “Forgive me, For being light and vain and loving you, only because you were beautiful.” (pg.161)

   When Roxanne comes to find  that the entire time it was Cyrano who she was in love with and not Christian she was shocked, but happy to know that her true love was Cyrano. Roxanne's entire persona is changed because of Cyrano. 

      Roxanne comes into the play as this beautiful charming woman whom every man would die to be with. She had high expectations of the “perfect man” by the way a man looks.  Roxanne did not know that Cyrano and Christian were working together to get her and Christian to be together. She arranges an impromptu  marriage with Christian to keep him with her. Towards the end she finds out that Cyrano was behind it when he recites stanzas from the letters he wrote her. She didn’t realize that she would fall for someone who's intelligence would make her fall head over heels. Roxanne realizes how shallow she was and that Cyrano will forever remain her true love.




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Anna Pylvainen said

at 8:42 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Good job on how she changes during the book.

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